Emmeline Du Faur 

Our Inspiration

Australian mountaineer, Emmeline Du Faur, became the first woman to conquer Mount Cook in 1910. By making the first Grand Traverse of all three peaks of Mount Cook in 1913, she pushed herself and her team to their absolute limits and entered the realms of extraordinary. Inspired by the exceptional achievements of Du Faur, Mount Cook’s Leadership Development Programme combines the key principles of outstanding leadership with outdoor adventure.

Our Programme 

Using a blend of tutorials and experiential activities, we deliver a memorable development experience which equips Team Members with the vital skills to transition into a successful Team Leader. It is these skills which will inspire and empower teams to thrive even in the most challenging environments. We offer two leadership programmes for Supervisors and Middle Managers, which are tailored specifically to you organisation. Both programmes are 2 days in duration, with some pre and post course work. 



These could include:

  • Understanding and shaping your leadership style
  • Understanding how to work with a range of different working styles 
  • Developing appropriate leadership behaviours
  • Taking your team through the 4 stages of team development 
  • Knowing when to direct and when to delegate 
  • Knowing when to involve your team in planning
  • How to manage conflict in the team
  • Understanding the basics of employment legislation 
  • How to conduct an appraisal 
  • Developing your coaching skills
  • Preparing and delivering a team briefing 
  • Working with mental health and disabilities